Communication / Press Releases

This page contains important documents, communications and press release pertaining to the relationship of Eritrea with the United Nations and the international community:

Analysis: Experts warn US plans for aid to Somalia will pour money into unstable government (June 2009) English [in PDF format]

Piracy ‘cannot be solved at sea’ (June 2009) English [in PDF format]

Somalia: The Crisis and Prospects for Lasting Peace (June 2009) English [in PDF format]

Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding third party policies Somalia (June 2009) English [in PDF format]

Egypt, Eritrea pledge to strengthen relations (June 2009) English [in PDF format]

U.S. Official Sheds Light on Possible Upcoming Obama Africa Policy (June 2009) English [in PDF format]

Somali legislators flee abroad, parliament paralyzed (June 2009) English [in PDF format]

Africa Union Launches New Campaign Against Human Trafficking (June 2009) English [in PDF format]

An article published in the American Chronicle: The United Nations Security Council – Will It Ever Do Anything Right? (April 2009) English [in PDF format]

An interview with Dr. Tadesse Mehari, Executive Director of the National Board for Higher Education (NBHE) (June 2009) Interview: English [in PDF format]

Eritrean Ministerial Cabinet, Regional Administrators and Operation Zone Commanders conduct meeting (April 2009) Report: English [in PDF format]

Eritrea does not allow any foreign base in its territory, President Isaias underscores (May 2009) Interview: English [in PDF format]

Sino-Eritrean Relationship: The Tip of an Iceberg (April 2009) Article: English [in PDF format]

January 15, 2009: UNSC Resolution 1862 (2009) defies the rule of law – [in PDF format]

September 29, 2008: Statement of Minister Osman Saleh at 63rd session UNGA – in PDF format

April 30, 2008: UNSC has the responsibility to endorse the EEBC final and binding virtual demarcation decision – in PDF format

April 03, 2008: Statement of Minister Osman Saleh on MDGs – in PDF format

Above: Foreign Minister of Eritrea Osman Saleh Addresses UN General Assembly – 2007